I'm getting a piano!


I’m so excited I’m getting a piano! I went on a trip recently and they had a piano that it was very out of tune but I loved playing it so I decided to get one myself. They were all so expensive and I finally found someone that was giving one away for free. All the keys work and everything is beautiful, now I just have to decide what color to paint it. I’m going to paint it with clear chalkboard paint so I can write all over it the piano isn’t a super expensive brand so I’m not losing out when I do. Does anyone here play piano?


so excited for you! I use to play the piano I can read some notes but have not played in years. I have a really nice keyboard waiting for me when my children are older and I have more time. I am so glad for the internet now so I can review and practice and teach myself. If you find any good websites for learning keep me posted! Congrats!!


I think the chalkboard paint is a super cool idea you can jot notes and write songs that will be awesome. We had an organ when I was a kid I used to be able to play that lol but it has been so long. now I can play a few notes on a piano from some old soap opera that is all I remember lol. Congratulations and have fun


I have an oak spinet “Player” piano that I bought many years ago. I used to play a lot but haven’t played much in a long time. I only played for my own enjoyment as I really didn’t have that much time to dedicate to practice. I played the accordion for years when I was a child, I started lessons before I went to school and I can’t play that any more either. It’s really sad how we let these valuable things go. I still have my accordion to this day, geez it must be at least 65 years old now!!


Congratulations on your purchase! I’ve played for 32 years. Started when I was 5. I started accompanying my mom singing when I was 8, started playing for church services by 10, started playing for funerals by 13. So you can say I’ve pretty much played my whole life. I took lessons for years but never had teachers that wanted to teach what I wanted to learn and that was adding notes and fill ins to songs (dress them up). So I watched and listened to other people and went that direction. Just cause they’re hymns doesn’t mean you can’t liven them up!!
Good Luck and the main thing is Have Fun!


I play. Started lessons at age 9. I’m 46 now! Love to play…I’m a bit rusty though!! Congrats!