I'm blown away

Okay, I’ve been making and selling reborns for almost 10 years…on and off. I have always dealt with someone who saw the baby in person or ordered it and kept up with the process. Harry, now Daniel, was my first sale on ebay and she received him in the mail today. I can’t even express how wonderful I feel about the message she sent me.

““Oh my god! He is gorgeous! I love him! You did such a wonderful job with him, he smells so good too. I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful gift. Please let me know when you will have more babies to adopt. I want a sibling for him, thank you for my card too he is going to be spoiled.””

A GIFT??? She is calling him a gift…WOW. I am no different than anyone else who works in this craft. Many of us become very attached and feel that our heart and soul goes into our babies. I know it takes the right person to be looking at the right time to make the real connection we all hope for when we sell. Not icky people who mess around with us but real ‘moms’ who appreciate and cherish what we have created. I am soooo lucky to have that with Jackie.

I just needed to share this very happy moment with you.

that is so wonderful

Makes it all worth while dont it ?!

So inspiring!!! Congratulations on the sale…

Its such a nice feeling to get great feedback & a happy mommy! Congratulations, I am sure you will get more!