I'm back

**Hello I have been away for so long , We moved to another province and I just couldn’t get back into my dolls . I didn’t realize how much I missed doing my dolls until I started doing them again . Anyway here is my first doll in a year . what do you thing , Gabby


She’s a cutie!

Adorable! I can’t remember…which sculpt is she?

Hi this sculpt is called Pooky , can’t remember what artist sculpted her . She has been sitting in the closet for some time , I’m glad I pulled her out and finished her . glad you like her . gabby

hi Gabby, welcome back…she is adoreable and I see you are still knitting too!

Welcome back Gabby your baby is really cute. Wondered what had happen to you.

Hi ladies , Thanks for welcomeing back , I missed you all too. It has been one heck of a year after our move . Every move gets more difficult for me and I’m hopeing this will be it and we stay put .For some reason I was feeling a bit out of sorts and just couldn’t keep my mind on my dolls so I just closed the door to my doll room untill I felt better . Then one day a friend wanted to see one of my dolls and wanted me to make one . I almost forgot how much I enjoyed makeing them.
Denise , yep back to my knitting , right now I’m making a dress , it’s coming along nicely , will post a pic if I ever get it finished .

ok got to run . hugs Gabby

Good job on the baby, Gabby. It’s nice to have you back, too.

Welcome back, Gabby!

welcome back, and she is a cutie for sure,

Welcome Back, Gabby! Your pooky is adorable, and I’m glad to see you are back!