I'm back!

After several weeks of not having enterent at home, We got a new provider! I can get online when ever I want to! I will never take this for granted again!


Glad to have you back!!

Ty Brandi

Goodness I wish I had only been gone that length of time but it’s all good now.

I am glad your back also robin rose I would hate to only have dial up. No way could we keep it up long enough to transfer big fiiles on it when we had dial up. Still it is better than nothing. I am so excited for my newest order from bb to get here so I can finish my ghost baby and some other babies for a shop Jonesboro.

great! glad you got it all sorted!

Thank you ladies

Hi Debora, I’m glad your back too.

Thank you so much!

Great to see you back here again!

I guess @debora_jenkins is back again! This post was from 2012, but Debora did respond again.

I noticed that ~ glad she’s here, either way :smile:

yes I am, Life is crazy I am working 2 part time jobs officially part time ( they do not have ot give me any benefits) and then Dad is worse and can no longer be left alone. Hubby is being made to leave the National Guard and we are loosing our health insurance. I had to have knee surgery last July. Lots of pain still I need replacement, another story, Carlee just graduated kindergarten. Never a dull moment. LOL I am most of the time a night walker now. I work 3rd shift as a 911 dispatcher. and only 1 -24hour shift a week now on Wednesdays. The other time I am working 3rd shift.