If You've Made 3-Month Joseph


I know…I know!
I’m awfully behind-the-times, but I need info about making him.
I’ve had my Joseph kit for nearly a year…but honestly, she sheer size of this gigantic but cute chubster has scared me away.
He is so large, it seems like it would take FOREVER to get him painted!

Did he take longer than your other, smaller reborns?
If so, how much longer?

TIA as I’m working up the nerve to start him! :grin:


He is so easy to paint…Ive had smaller reborns that took longer.

It is a bit more physical though :wink:


He didn’t take me any longer. I painted him in about a week. He’s huge though so rooting takes longer but probably not that much longer.


He is quite easy to paint. Big parts are easier to see. I have had to work harder on small ones. But he makes my back ache. Lol No kidding. I have back problems anyway, holding giant parts makes it worse.


I don’t think he has been out for anywhere near a year.


He didn’t take any longer as far as painting. And his vinyl takes paint VERY well. I won’t dare root him lol


I looked it up a while back, on my Paypal. I think I bought him last August if I’m not mistaken…of course, when I get him done I’ll probably want to keep him LOLOL :joy:


He is a cutie, I think I am keeping mine. The prototypes were on ebay in February so I don’t think he was released until at least Feb https://www.ebay.com/itm/Precious-Wonders-Reborn-Baby-Realborn-boy-PROTOTYPE-Joseph-by-Bountiful-Baby-/273712992917?_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l10137&nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true


He’s a dream to paint! Working on my 2nd girl now :slightly_smiling_face:


@jubileej This video is from sept '18.

I’m multi-tasking and forgot the link LOL

Karen that is awesome! Looks real


Which video?


Gorgeous Karen!


I’ve painted several. He was so easy to paint. However I won’t paint him again because my hands are small and holding his limbs and heavy head was too much for me. I’m saving the rest of anything I can do for big June. :slight_smile:


@Simone I am currently working on a Joseph awake and he is very easy to paint, even though he is soooo big!
I am going to be rooting him and he will be a girl! :heart:


You are one brave soul!


Somehow I got the idea you were asking about the awake version. I am not sure why I assumed that. You are correct, the asleep version came out much longer ago than the awake version. Sorry!


Don’t be sorry, it’s probably hard to believe anyone would wait that long…! Sigh…


Here are 2 Joseph asleep I rooted a while ago


I have a 2003 kit that I’ve had for more than a year. I’ll be working on it soon. No, really. lol


I suddenly feel better! LOL

@evelyn OMG her hands! <3