If you were teaching child


to reborn, what are the basics you would teach?

I have a young girl (11 yrs old) coming all day tomorrow. She was once a child I cared for in my dayhome, always was interested in babies. She is in love with reborns, so i thought i’d let her come and make one of her own. I know she probably wont completely finish it in one day, but maybe I could start with a few flesh layers.

I was thinking i’d get her to do mottling, shading and creases. Then do the nails and matte varnish. I may have a wig she can use, or just leave the baby bald.

Any tips?


Will she leave with it tomorrow?

I would probably do the creasing for her, so it doesnt look “dirty” and the veins and nails.
She should be okay with the mottling, blush, skin/washes, varnish


oh, i forgot about veining. Yeah, I will probably do that for her, and the creasing.

I know she’d like to leave with it tomorrow, but she lives in town, so not a big deal to come back the following day, if needed.


If you could stretch it out into 2-3 days, I think that would be best. My 8 year old son painted this Blaze pretty much by himself. The veins were his favorite part, and he actually did pretty good with him. I did the brows, lips, and hair. But an 11 year old girl could probably do the lips and brows herself. (Prisma pencil brows.) I love the wig idea. Or she could maybe draw some hair on or leave it bald.


My daughter who is 13 made this one. It’s not the first doll she has done but it is the first real baby. She’s a little older then the girl you are wanting to teach but my daughter did great with all of it. I will say that creases were not her favorite by any means. I definately think it’s going to take more than a day but you said she was local so that doesn’t sound like it will be a problem. Good luck with it all. Hopefully we will have a new little artist out there soon. :blush:

Edited to add that I did this babies eyebrows. She wouldn’t even attempt it. :wink:


She did an excellent job on her. I love her skin tones. :heart_eyes:


My son painted his “Baby Sonic” when he was five (and he sat still! A miracle! Haha) The only part I did was rooting the eyelashes.

The part that made him go WOW was the burnt umber & then blushing (we did mottling first). I think that’s when the doll looked real to him :blush:


PS- I recently did an experiment using burnt umber as the very first layer, then mottling on top. It seemed to make it easier to achieve the final flesh tone. Skipped the Genesis “baby skin” color altogether. Maybe worth a shot to help speed the process a bit for her? Maybe on a test limb to see if you like it :blush:


Thank you. She used my paints that I have pre-mixed in mason jars and she’s been watching me for years now. When she sar down to do it, it was like she was a natural. She only had to ask me a few questions along the way which I was not expecting. She’s currently working on another Lane and a Teagan.


That’s awesome!! I wish I lived closer to my daughter and granddaughter. They have shown an interest in making reborns. They live 10 hours away from me. :cry:


I did that last night just to see what happened. It’s doing pretty well so far. I just did a light wash of it in case it went horribly wrong.


He did great. Especially for a 5 year old. :blush:


So, she’s actually 9 yrs old. She came back today to put her baby together. I did the eyebrows and eyelashes and varnished and glossed him. She did the rest. I also had a heartbeat device which we added. He’s not as heavy as I’d like, but I ran out of glass beads. Someone suggested $store sand, but I would never want that in a baby doll!

I’ll post a pic of her with her baby when her mom sends it to me. She LOVES her baby boy, and will carry it everywhere :slight_smile:


She did so good! She will treasure that baby forever. :heart:️️



WOW! She did a fantastic job!! :heart_eyes: