If you had to choose the BEST photo... (Poll)


Hi Everyone,
We are trying to figure out which photo should be the gallery photo for the babys auction…Which one do you like best, and why?

Thanks for your opinions! Every Vote Counts!


Thank you for posting your thoughts!
Keep the poll votes coming ladies!


Keep those votes coming…If I can get 20 votes total, that would be great!


pic, cuz it is a close up and the viewer can see all the detail.

she is adorable


Thanks so much for the vote!
I will continue the poll this evening and list the baby tonight after work!


Vanessa you are so going to hate me for saying this but the eye on the right looks off center.


It is off center slightly but that is okay. I am going to leave it because the girls put the eyes in, and nobody gets them perfect the first try. They are proud, and that is what matters to me.


That’s why I said you would be mad. Taking that little one apart would be awful just for the one eye! Good luck on the auction


Well I thought the eye was intentional for that newborn unfocused look BOL on the auction.


I voted no 1, I like this baby, She is so sweet. Bol on her auction.

   Hugs Tina