If you could own ONE ptototype baby - which would it be?


Oh my goodness, okay I change my mind. I want one like yours🤣


In that case I change my mind too. I want Luoluo by J.K.
She went on ebay for $18,000.00



I agree with @Gabriell lol!


Absolutely perfection!


She’s perfect:)


When I saw her on ebay, I was so tempted, but when my hubby saw her bids he said…She’s beautiful, But we don’t have that for a doll LOL!!


@Vanniek You can do one for yourself as soon as she will be released! :slight_smile:


Yes, but nothing like that prototype lol. She’s breathtaking :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I couldn’t live long enough to root her like that :rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: But you are getting better and better with your rooting!


That’s more than I paid as a down payment on my house, but if I had disposable income, I’d buy this one.


Amazing baby!


I don’t no if these are prototypes, but I’d love to have them!!


This Zara (Sculpted by Alicia Toner) and painted by Angela Plicka

Or This Leelou (sculpted by Cassie Brace)


Yes! Love the Zara


There have been many grate selections posted. I want to say I’d love to have a prototype from this forums very own Ceirra!! Her babies are always wonderful to look at!!


I was going to post the same pic. @Kwinker


Oh my!! Ty! Well in pics maybe but in person not so much :joy:


Me too…but I would never pay that much for a doll. She is breath taking.


Thank you for sharing your story, dear Yelena! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: How sweet is this!

And your mom really did an amazing job on your outfit! :heart_eyes:

Do you think you will get June and reborn her as a portrait baby girl of yourself?


@Amethyst Thank you for your kind words! I don’t know yet if I want to reborn and keep June :slight_smile: Only time will tell.