If you could choose 3 items... (Fun, Join In:)

Thought I’d start a fun post-

If you could choose 3 things for bountiful baby to do a big sale on, what 3 items would you choose?

For me it would be:

#1 Genesis Paints
#2 Preemie Reborn Kits (Caleb, Rosebud, Teagan, Taite, etc)
#3 Bodies

And I wish they would find some more closed eye test heads for me to practice rooting lashes!

I love shopping at Bountiful Baby!

Edited: I type like poo lol

I agree with you!! I would love for them to put a sell on the bodies again, they had some on sale but removed them before I was able to purchase them. I love the preemie kits, even though I haven’t done one yet, they just appeal to me more, because they are smaller, and less hair to root, and some closed eye heads would be wonderful, so I could practice rooting eyelashes too. This was fun, maybe they will read it, and grant our wishes!! Have a great day, and god Bless!!

Yeah! It’s a rainy dreary day here in Maine so I thought it may be fun to do

A sale on all the chubby babies!

A sale on bodies

A sale on… i dunno I can only think of two

I <3 chubby babies too!! )

Oh yes!! Eyes, gosh… I’d rather see the sale on eyes than on kits I think!!

How are there rooted monkeys? I have never seen one in person…
Do you own any? I’d love photos!

Oh yes rooting needles! Another good one! Keep this going!
I think it’s fun to see what people like!

Big Babies
Chubby Babies
Awake Babies

They’re almost the same thing, but… whatever!

chubby babies

Everyone seems partial to chubby babies right now… You’d love my son, hehe.

Nice list! I have never tried there fiber fill.

Edited: needed to correct a word, lol

Eyes, eyes and more eyes! I have seconds kits to make and I’m going to go broke on eyes! Hubby wants me to get some made before I order more kits…but there are so many cute kits to get and the sales suck me in!