If for whatever reason the forum goes down or completely away


And people would like to stay in touch. This is my facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/jessica.kroft


Yeah I kinda had the thought I might not be able to get back in :smile: so if I don’t you all have been fun to hang with .


I’ve added you. I really hope this forum stays. Such lovely ladies that I will surely miss. If anyone wants to add me also my name is Meghan Zion. It will be a picture of my reborn doll.


I accepted it. :0)


You guys, it is just an upgrade to a new server BB will not go away. Don’t be sad.


I posted this before Nevin posted about it on his thread and I thought it would be a good idea just in case one day it is permanently closed down (they’ve put us in time out before) that people should have a place to put their screen names for just in cases.


@ttulsajess Good Idea!