Idts 2019 babies


Come join Angie’s Lil Dumplins at table 101 and adopt one of these fabulous babies for your collection!


Are you talking about June show in Orlando, FL?
If yes, I am looking forward to meet you there! :grinning:


Such beautiful babies!


They are all so great.


Yes! Oh how fun! Please do introduce yourself to me!
Do you have a table/booth?


Oh no, darling, I 'll come just for fun! Just want to see other babies and painting technics. I am not at the booth level yet :wink: If I remember correctly @ellakabella Rachel will have a booth,
So far I know that Valerie @Vanniek, Rosa @Rosa05, may be Evelyn @evelyn, and me will be there.
We should all make sticky notes to identify us as BB Forum Members.
I also bought the tickets for the dinner and I think Rachel too.


I won’t have a booth, just will be there visiting!


Oops, it means that I didn’t remember correctly. But you are going to the dinner, right?


Yep! I have tickets to the dinner and also to the baby shower!


I will be at both the banquet and shower as well. I will likely not know anyone of you at all so please do identify yourselves. It will be easier to figure me out since I will be at my booth. I usually have my name on a tag too.


I can’t wait!! I don’t have tickets for anything…just going for the experience and to meet some wonderful ladies!!! I will stop at your booth Angie! I’m much to new to have a booth at this show, but maybe in the future!! I’m really looking forward to this! :hugs:


Wish I lived in the south I would love to go. Take lots of pictures and share it with us please😁. What are the dates of the show?


You can find everything here:


Hop on a plane girl friend!!! Would love to see you!!


I may have an extra ticket for the baby shower if you’re interested, I could give you a deal on the price. I bought two but not sure if my friend is going to end up going.


You are soooooo sweet! Man I wish lol! Our Landscaping season just blew up over here, and most needed tractor is now leaking trans fluid really bad. How fun I like trade shows, much less a Doll one what a great time! And to meet you all that would be the cherry on top​:heart_eyes::heart:


You are so dear!! I’m sorry, I just can’t go to that. Hubby is bringing for just a little while because we only live about 2 hours away. I don’t even know which day yet, because he is taking off from work to take me. :kissing_heart:


Awe. :sob: Well, I take some pictures. I hope maybe it will change and you can end up going.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Reefbubbles I an photoaddict. We (my hubby and I) will be there just for 2 days, not taking any classes, but I will create an album after the trip and you will be ‘showered’ with pictures :rofl:. But I wish you would be there too!


You guys are going to have a blast I would love to be showered with photos!