Ida by ruth trefferison

Hi I bought a hard vinyl doll on ebay . she is marked ida and ruth
trefferison 93. she has human hair and is tall with a nice cloth
body. then I found another one with articulated limbs. this is a
baby same artist. very inexpesive. they are cool can’t afford the
ooak dolls. does anyone know about this kind.??

Hi Rose , are you sure this doll artist isn’t (Ruth Treffeisen)? This lady’s dolls are highly collictibles. They come in vinyl as well as porcelain, some are well worth over $1000.00. Check the signature again and see if this signature is on your doll. I just Googled her name and got this imformation, also e-bay has a list of them in different price ranges.

that is the name on her neck also ida and 1993 will start looking
thanks for the help

Rose, I just checked again and came up with a link I am going to PM you to check. According to it your IDA # 0275 is a Limited Edition Doll made in 1993 and originally wore a White Broiderie Anglaise Dress. This sculptor did some dolls for the Gotz Company. I hope yours is one of these dolls.
Glad to help