IAC doll show


Wow! Well, that’s a great way to end her career. Does she not understand that kind of language and attitude will make people avoid doing business with her at all costs?! :rage:


She is an artist also :frowning:
Her twitter is very immature.


Wow!! :flushed:


From what I understand, they sold raffle tickets for a doll, then turned around and kept the doll, plus the ticket money!


Yep. Bonnie Seiben’s granddaughters won and they didnt get the doll. Another artist at the show stepped up and offered to gift one of hers to the girls because of Dianne keeping the raffle doll


Is anyone going to call the police or sue them for fraud? They stole A LOT of money from people…


They should!


Wow! This whole situation is just horrifying. What is WRONG with that lady? (And I’m using the term loosely…) I haven’t watched the video as we’re babysitting today, but I’m still in awe…


Talk about GALL!


I’m so glad I didn’t spend money to go to this show!


Krystal just did a two parter on You Tube with all the details. I guess she promoted the show and was made all kinds of promises that they failed to produce and she got stuck looking like she was part of it, she wasn’t… I feel really bad for her she really put herself out there hoping that Canada would have a really cool reborn show.


Is this the doll in question? I read in youtube comments that it was a Saskia and that Dianne claimed she definitely didn’t have it, but that the lady who was supposed to collect her in the winner’s absence must have stolen her. (An obvious fabrication)


Oh boy… the fun never ends with this one. The show coordinator has uploaded a video asking for ghsp and mediums on the down low from her “friends” because she’s been blacklisted from doll supply companies and it’s too expensive on amazon. Karma is a beautiful thing and I’ve a feeling hers is just beginning.


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Oh my…that sucks and if it’s true it sucks worse. Well, what you put out there comes right back around to ya…


IDS and DEDS has had there own share of catfights that rival this one with dramatics. Stolen dolls, banquets gone bad(yes, it was an issue with the lack of food, too), childish name calling and horrible songs making fun of someone’s skin tags, etc. I’m sure they would love to keep all that buried in light of this show’s fiascos. Makes for good reading when you are bored and don’t get to go to the shows, though.:joy:


Oh wow. That’s makes me even more excited to go lol! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thinking: