IAC doll show


Any Canadians going to the IAC Doll Show?


Where is it? I’d like to go but can’t, maybe next year though


No ! One show takes all my money


London Ontario


Of course lol I should’ve known anything happening in Canada would be in Ontario :rofl: It’s pretty far from me. I definitely can’t go this year, hopefully next year.


I think with the Swoop airline i should be able to get a good deal on a flight


How far are you from it? I think I’m about as far as is possible haha I will look into what it will cost me for next year and see if I can do it. I’d have to find someone to go with me though, my mom couldn’t come because someone would have to stay with our pets


i can go from edmonton right into London, ON for around 250 return, with Swoop


That’s pretty good


are you closer to abbotsford? or Kelowna?

Abbortford to London under 200 round trip


I’m in Dartmouth, NS so pretty far lol


under 250 round trip from Halifax to London


That’s not bad. Still out of my price range right now since I’m saving up for a much more expensive trip but I should be able to go next year for sure.


This show ended up being a disaster…


Oh my! So glad I didn’t book a ticket!


Yes, I just watched this today. I don’t know if a doll show will ever be a possibilty but if I do go it will be the ones in the US


Sounds like they were not prepared, didn’t have the experience or the funds to pull it off properly. Word is that they are going to try again next year.

Event planning like this takes a pro, a lot of money to invest and risk, a good team of people with shared vision, and resources outside of cash.

First time show things happen, people expect them but this sounded like some one went to Rose and thought “hey I can do that” not understanding the scope of an event like this and how much goes into it.

Just the fact they would get up at a banquet and say “We ran out of money, sorry no food” just the oddest thing…

If they knew what they were doing they would have had a pretty good idea in advance that they were sinking and should have sent out refunds and apologies before they opened, and quickly shut the doors.


This is a tweet from the co-owner Dianne Rump (her and her husband own it)
(sorry about her language… .but thought others not on facebook should see it)


WOW so lack of business sense had nothing to do with the matter. Oh my gosh


:open_mouth: that is horrible!!!