I won Jackie Ortiz’ reborn giveaway!


Jackie does reborn giveaway’s on Patreon and I won this months reborn! I just wanted to show off the baby because I’m very excited!


Wow!! So cool!


Right? I was expecting to never win


Congrats!!! She does fantastic work. He looks adorable in those skin tones. I just finished this kit. (Mine is Caucasian with rooted hair)


Congratulations! Now I am jealous of that. :smile:


Which kit is it. I’m so bad with that. It’s beautiful. Congrats on the win. Great job Jackie.


Xander by Cassie Brace


Awesome!! Did you paint him or was it a painted kit that you won??


It’s a completed painted/rooted reborn baby that Jackie completed.


Cheapest reborn I’ve ever gotten, and coincidentally, probably the best quality. I only paid $7 :joy:


wow! that is exciting! so very happy for you. congrats!


Congrats, lucky you


What kit is this?


It’s xander by Cassie Brace


My goodness! Congratulations!! How wonderful


Congrats! I love her videos.


Wow, beautiful!


LUCKY!! Congratulations! I’m envious. Gorgeous baby.


Congratulations !


Oh wow congrats!!! I watched the vid live and thought I recognized your name!