I will try to get a Kabelka test run videod for yall

Since I pretty much am done repairing my Benny (just need to regloss his finger nails) I am going to try to take a time out today to do a Kabelka test. I will be in church this morning and after lunch I will try to clear my table and pull out a belly plate to do a live demonstration on. I will post this on my FB page Lil Dumplins Nursery Reborn Dolls


Going LIve Now

Is there anywhere else you can post it after? I’d like to see it, but don’t use FB.

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I will have to load it up to Youtube, which I will do after I get all 3 parts done. I have to do this in parts because each layer is supposed to be baked 9 mins at 265 per their instructions.

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Great will you link it here when it’s ready?