I was sad to see her go

I notice that I get alittle attacked evey baby I make it so hard to let them go but you have too lol.Well here is my custom baby after I redid her lip and sent her off too her new home.I will miss her.Also Here is some of her picture I took of her before she left .enjoy

Phala she’s so beautiful. My dream Luca. I would have to make another of her to keep. I hope I didn’t offend you about her lip color. Your babies are always perfection and usually there’s nothing I’d change. I think she looks like perfection now.

hi nicole
done worry you didnt offend me in anyway i actually agree with you and thank you for your honest opinion i kept thinking it also but didnt wanted to mess her up but i glad i change her lip.thank you again and you alway have the nice comments to keep a girl going thank you and cant wait to see your babys

Oh Phala…I would be so sad to see her go too. She even looks like she’s about to cry…is she thinking about the long trip ahead of her in that stuffy old box? LOL I’m sure her new mommy will love her and be so thrilled. She’s really a beautiful baby!