I want to see all the noe's from Lara's Class


I want to see all the Noe’s you ladies who took Lara’s class made. I’m sure they are fabulous so share, share with those of us who are waiting for her next class


Still finishing mine. I’m very slow. My goal is to finish tomorrow or Wednesday. I have a “slow Noe”.


— Begin quote from “foxmom”

Still finishing mine. I’m very slow. My goal is to finish tomorrow or Wednesday. I have a “slow Noe”.

— End quote

Hey, I thought I had the only “slow Noe!” Glad I’m in good company! I hope to finish painting in the next day or two and can’t wait to start rooting!

I was going to post the same request as soon as I had mine finished - glad you posted this!

Here’s mine a few days ago - she has more color now.


Hazel_May I can’t wait to see how yours looks with open eyes.


I kept looking at her and saying “she’s going to wake up any minute” and Honey said “well, you didn’t come to town scared did you?” So it was kind of a dare. She’s getting 23mm Eyeco soft glass eyes in baby gray-blue. I’m thinking about baking them in place with Fimo (I think that’s what it’s called - too lazy to get up and go look).
Oh yah, we won the game.


She is a member of this forum, and her class has been so much fun! I’m signed up for the next year (4 more classes!)!


I don’t think you will get any posts of the Noe’s from Lara’s class untill the contest is over for the babies. I will post mine after the contest is over. Not sure when the judging will be, but we have to have them in by the 15th…so if you have no takers that’s why. Just be patient!



Yes, 2 of the moderators who will be judging are on this forum, and we don’t want anyone influenced.
I will be sending out an email to everyone when we have a winner for the contest, then you can feel free to post all the babies! Some gals have posted in the Gallery section of my forum, if you want to peek there. We have 8 gals who have entered the contest so far…so exciting!


Oh okay Didn’t realize that the contest wasn’t over yet as there had been a couple posted in the other section, I just thought it would be nice to see them all in the same post. I will just be patient then.


Maybe with everyone’s permission, I could post them…just the pictures with no names, that way everyone could see all the contest entries. I can’t post anyone’s picture without their permission, though.


My poor little Noe is still in process. Should be finishing it hopefully in the next day or two.


lol, i just started mine sunday evening,lol… he is currently baking in the oven but i hope to be done painting by thur:)


I’m still working on mine too!