I sold Sarah on Reborns.com tonight!

LOL! It would be nice if it continues, Shannon! I have to list my Joey sculpt now. :wink:

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She’s all packed up and on her way! She should arrive at her new home by Tuesday!! :slight_smile:



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@AmyR777 I am sooo Happy for you!!! Congrats!!! The baby is beautiful as well!!
Debbie G.

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Thank you, Debbie! I took some time to snuggle on her before she left. :wink:

Congrats on the sale! It’s a good reminder that given enough time, the right person will come along eventually. :wink:

Hey, Izzy! Yes, and I had to keep reminding myself, too. It’s so easy to feel like there’s something is wrong with your baby.

I wish one of mine would sell. I need dolly dollars!


WooHoo!..Victory dance…Yayyyyy…Congrats Amy…You’re doing great on that site!..

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She’ll sell, Helen! :smile:

Thank you, Starr! I think the sales go in phases. As others were selling theirs left and right, mine were sitting still.

Just needed the right mom…some times I think the ones that last a while end up being the most loved because their new family has had time to really look them over, think about them, look at others and then come back because they fell in love with it!