I sold my first baby!

I sold my lucy this week. She is the second reborn I have done but the first one I could actually part with. I can’t believe she sold… I’m so excited… She didn’t sell at her ebay auction and then 5 minutes after the auction ended I got an email from a lady saying she had tried to bid but her bid wouldn’t go through and was she still for sale? She payed straight away too. My first dolly dollars in time for xmas…

I see why she sold she is adorable.
Congrats on your first sale.

Nice! She is a cute one too. I love Lucy.

Congratulations Ange, she is adorable I’m sure her new mummy will love her

Congratulations honey! That first sale always feels so good!

That is so great!! Congratulations!!!

Congrat’s!!! on the sale. I have not been brave enough to try an auction

Congratulations on you sale!! She’s a cutie!

Congratulations on your sale!