I shaved my baby 😂


I’ve been working on Yona for approximately forever

I’m rooting her with some special pygora, and I decided to try rooting with the length of hair I wanted in the end- so I wouldn’t need to cut it. Only about 1". I also wanted to vary the density so it would have that look of a baby who has rubbed her hair off a bit when she lays on her back.

All was well…for a couple of days. I was meticulously plucking any tails as I went along, but I started noticing more and more of them in the sections I already completed.


I realized somehow I was pulling the short hair into the head as I went. So some of my already short pieces were becoming mega short. It started looking patchy and horrible!

I tried saving it a few different ways but it wasn’t making me happy. I had glued it and didn’t want to deal with removing the glue…so I shaved it! :joy: Haha poor lil’ girl!

It worked pretty well, except for some small nicks that went down to bare vinyl. That’s fine because I decided to go thick, longer, and curly. She’ll need a haircut now, but it’s working much better! Whew.


Good save :slight_smile:


Love those sweet baby curls :heart:


Lov those curls too !! What type of mohair do u buy to get those curls ? :heart_eyes:


Thank you! I process and sell mohair, pygora, and suri alpaca. This one is wavy pygora. I don’t have any available at the moment, but I’ll be processing more when I get back from my vacation :blush:

Here’s what I have now, if you’re interested in taking a peek:


I’m actually kind of glad for the mistake, because it wouldn’t have been curly if I kept it sparse and short! :wink:


OMG I thought I was the only one who tried shaving hair. Did that on a toddler change of mind on coloring, it worked pretty good. Too funny thanks for sharing.:footprints::baby:.


I’m sorry you struggled with her hair but those curls are gorgeous :heart_eyes: I’m sure she will be a beauty when she’s done!


Oops @Tungaro, I meant to include this photo for you :blush: