I put this big baby girl on e-bay, wish us luck,,,

She’s such a cutie. She should do well for you.

She is very cute and I love her outfit!

She is darling…good luck!

How cute! BOL with her auction.

What a cute lil…I mean BIG girl! Bol on her auction, hun!

thank you all so much,

Sharon, your baby is beautiful, I love her hair. BOL

Sharon she is beautiful!!! Good Luck I love her hair.

Your baby is so…beautiful…I LOVE her!


Biggest, bestest wishes, Sharon!! She’s such a cutie!!

thanks for them wonderful compliments,

Sharon, she is soooo precious. I love her hair and outfit. Great work.

   Hugs Tina

She is just beautiful, you have done a wonderful job with her. BOL on her auction. What sculpt is she??

she is Eden from BB

Love your Eden…gorgeous job on her! Best of luck with the auction!