I put a deposit on a puppy!


Thank you! I’m so happy that you love Addy. Sending dolls out always makes me nervous. Lol


He is a tornado. Haha. I always say I wish I could bottle that energy and sell it. I would be rich. Lol!


Aww him so cute! I wanna pet him…:blue_heart::dog:


I hope you all the luck in the world with this! My son has a service dog, and the difference in my son is amazing


Aw, congrats!! A little boy or girl?


Not sure yet. He or she won’t be born until July or August.


Congratulations! I love dogs. :heart:


Odie is cute!


Congratulations!! I thought you were supposed to wait til pup was a little older to assess their train- ability?


For the most part yes. But since Newfoundland are known to be good around people and other animals it should be ok. I don’t need him to do anything advanced like detect seizures or open doors. Just help me balance. Which means as long as he is calm and good around people he should be fine.

Although there is always a chance he won’t. At which point I would have to figure out what to do.

But the puppies will be raised from the start around children and other animals. So I’m hopeful


@ludmila Oh so cool! I’ve recently (10 months ago) started showing! I have an Australian Shepherd. My partner LOVES borzois and is sure that ‘his’ dog (Chester is ‘mine’) will be a borzoi haha.
You should start a thread about your dogs - I’d love to see pictures :heart_eyes::joy:

@taylorsgirl Congrats on your dog - good luck with training him and I hope it all works out for you.


I’m so excited for you. I love big dogs! I don’t know anything about newfoundlands. But we have a massive Saint Bernard/pit bull mix. He is rock solid. He would make a great service dog. His “job” here is to be the main rooster. He protects the chickens, kids, and the cats. He could take down coyotes if he needed to. But he’s so gentle and sweet…you are going to love having a big dog to help you out! :heart:


I want to see him! Sounds beautiful! My boyfriend has 3 saint bernards and a Rottweiler at his house. Got a scary bark but wouldn’t hurt a fly. Takes a truck load to feed them all though!


I’m glad you’ve made this step. It sounds like you are set with having a good relationship with a vet and have found at least one group to help with training your future dog. I really admire you for taking charge of your situation and making the best decision to live your life to the fullest. You are incredibly smart and I hope nothing but the best for you!!!


Wow. Thank you.
I try to make the best of things. I can’t control the fact that I have CP and vertigo and anxiety. But I can control how I respond to it. I guess I just refuse to let it control me. I adjust the best I can. Some days are hard. Some are easier. But as long as I get up and keep trying I’m content with my life.


Exactly! I’m so glad you said that… and I’m so glad you have that outlook! We all have different challenges in life but I’m so happy to come across someone with that mindset. You can’t control everything… but have a lot of control with the response and I’m so glad you are doing the smart thing and doing what will help you. I wish there were more people like you! I’m also glad you are sharing about your solution with everyone else. It’s really inspirational. I once had a mentor tell me to lead by example, and that is how I see you.