I put a deposit on a puppy!


Hi ladies.

I wanted to share since I posted about my need for a service dog. And my GoFundMe.
Today I put a 100$ deposit down on a Newfoundland puppy! :smile: the puppy is not born yet. And I’m not sure if my dog will come from this summers litter or the next.
But I’m excited and thought I would share.

Now I just hope I can raise enough for the full price. I’m working hard on dolls. So cross your fingers for me please. :heart:


Yay! Happy for you! Everything will work out for you.


What agency are having to train your dog?


There is a local trainer to me who trains service dogs for vets. I’m not a vet but they are willing to work with me and the dog. Although I could train him myself. I need the dog for balance. Anxiety and vertigo. Which is much less training than say a diabetic alert dog.


Hope you are getting one from a well known reputable breeder; they have lots of health problems so make sure the parents are screened. Also, that is not the most practical size for a dog if you need to take it with you wherever you go. Not to mention that their coats need lots of grooming.

"The Newfoundland, which has an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years, is prone to serious health conditions such as gastric torsion, Sub-Aortic Stenosis (SAS), cystinuria, canine hip dysplasia (CHD), epilepsy, and elbow dysplasia, and minor issues like von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD), cataract, Osteochondrosis Dissecans ( …"


First. Yes I chose a reputable breeder. I did a lot of research before choosing because of the potential health issues you mentioned. Each of the dogs that this breeder uses are health checked and each puppy comes with a one year health guarantee. I will be picking up the puppy in person so I can see the littermates and parents.

Second. I did q lot of research on what breed to get. Being that I need the dog for balance. I needed a large dog. All larger dogs have shorter lifespans than say, a Chihuahua. And almost all larger dogs are prone to health issues as they age.
I am aware of that.

And lastly. As I am home all day grooming and caring for the dog is a non issue. And as far as him being too big to take out. There are no laws that say a service dog must be a specific size or breed or anything.
I chose this dog due to the size. I trip and fall often. Having a large dog I can hold on to to stop that will be valuable beyond measure. And the dog has a large enough chest and shoulders to support a balance brace harness easily. He will have to retire at probably 8 years old. But that’s a long way off.

Trust me. I have done my research


And of course I am fully aware of potential health problems for the breed. But name me one breed of dog that is without potential issues. Heck, I rescued a mixed breed cat who has had more health problems than I ever thought possible. Lol
That’s why I’m thankful for my vet. I’m prepared should a problem come up


I am glad you do know all that is to know. BOL I am not being mean, but I do know a lot about dogs, I have been involved with showing and breeding for most of my life.

Of-course, if you need dog so tall that you can lean on, you will have to have a large sturdy breed. But I have traveled right across Europe with my Borzoi and Whippet, and while in Europe dogs can go pretty much anywhere, having the Borzoi in restaurants was rather difficult. The Whippet just sat on the chair and was not in way. The Borzoi did not fit under tables.

Just wondering if you ever groomed large fluffy dog? Or do you know how much groomer will charge. Grooming fluffy dog is a very hard, back breaking job.


Congrats! So exciting! I got my anxiety/autism emotional support dog in September. Not quite the same as a service dog though. She doesn’t have any specific training, just basic obedience training. She can’t go anywhere that regular pets can’t go, but she and I can’t be denied by a landlord or “pet free” apartments and stuff. She’s been super helpful, and I hope your puppy is as well!


Just need to make sure your trainer is certified and you get your dog registered as a service dog. Many places are asking to see the registration or you can not bring your animal onto their business. Too many people claiming their dog is a service dog and they are not trained and have misbehaved or bitten others.


That’s a very good choice of breed ! Yes they are big, but they are breed for help and serve people. So calm, obedient ant loyal.
Happy for you !


CONGRATS @taylorsgirl!

I love dogs. And my daughter is crazy about Newfoundlands, although she’s never seen one in person.

I have 4 dogs, myself.

@ludmila Interesting! Didn’t know you have shown dogs!


Sorry but no. There is no legal service dog regestry in the USA as of now. There is no law that says you cannot train your own service dog. Those laws may change. But as of now only some states have a regestry and you aren’t legally required to use it.


No offense taken. I totally get it. :heart:
Yes. I have groomed large dogs before. I grew up with a husky collie chow mix. He was a ball of fur with legs. The key to grooming them is to start with the soft undercoat and work your way around. Then the thicker over coat. Which for Newfoundland is actually an oily waterproof later since Newfoundland were used for water rescue and to retrieve fisherman’s nets.


I have one other dog. A rescue mixed breed named Odie. He’s crazy. And sadly too small to be a service dog. He is Chihuahua jack Russel mix.


How wonderful, Congratulations!!!


Well now I want to see your chi mix fur baby.


This is Odie. He was a shelter rescue. I adopted him from a high kill shelter about 3 days before he was to be put down. He is crazy. But sweet.


I love him.I bet he is full of energy.


Congrats! I am so happy for you! Your dolls are beautiful and I am enjoying Addy! She gets lots of snuggles. I wish you the best luck in selling more dolls in the near future! We have a yellow lab and have raised her since a puppy. Lots of joy in raising your own pup! So happy for you!