I put a deposit down for a custom silicone werepup!


Oh wow, can’t you contact someone?


I tried sending an email to them and still i have heard nothing


Oh no! I hope they aren’t shady lol


Did you ever get him? I tried to put a deposit down twice and they turned me down!


Nope!! I still haven’t got him yet :frowning: i have tried emailing them and still havent heard anything


Wow!!! I emailed them several times before they responded to me… keep trying or open a PayPal claim!!! I’m so sorry for you, I know how badly you want your pup!!!


I think its been too long since i put the deposit down. I just sent another email. I will keep trying though. By the way Nikki, how are you doing? I haven’t seen you on here much


It’s been a year? Wow. I definitely think that that’s way too long.
Have you heard anything during all this time?


I’m good!!! How are you darlin? :grinning:


@nikkiroc im realy good…i just got engaged last week and yesterday i put a down payment on a newer car… 2012 Chevy Cruze. A definite upgrade from my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am (which i still have)


@deedee2413 nope i havent heard anything in a year :frowning:


Maybe you should request a refund since you haven’t received anything in a year. I’m sure that wasn’t in the agreement. Perhaps that will get some kind of response. This is over and above beyond reasonable. I’d file a PayPal claim. Even if the deposit was stated as non refundable, it was a deposit on an item that you have never received and cannot elicit any communication from this person. I’d refund you in a heartbeat.


I finally got a response!!..i went to the werepups Instagram and hit email which sent a message straight to Asia. She told me my werepup will be started in 2 weeks!! :smiley:


Well that is good news!


Started? Where’s she been for the last year? How much longer until you get it? Did she give you any idea?


She has a lot of customers, I want one but the wait would be too much for me. I’d have an anxiety attack, lol.


I couldn’t justify waiting a entire year for a doll and to be told it hasn’t been started on yet. Maybe I’m too picky and impatient but I don’t like the sound of that.


I know I’m too picky. I guess if you don’t mind waiting (which I do) and you get what you want in the end, it’s all good.


These werepups are highly sought after… I knew before i ordered that there would be a huge wait time of at least 10 months. I was just getting a bit antsy cuz i want to have him so badly…lol


Oh I see! Sorry. Lol I know absolutely nothing about them I honestly didn’t realize the wait time.