I put a deposit down for a custom silicone werepup!


That little thing is just so cute, LOL!


What’s the size of these ? They are so cute!


@CamsGigi 18 to 19 in I think, here is the link again;




Just wanted to give you ladies a heads up that Asia Eriksen’s vinyl werepup kit “Robbie” is available for preorder! I already ordered mine, just need to get a body and some eyes now :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Omg, wolf in sheep’s clothing


Thank you so much going there now!!! BRB. Don’t have enough money, rats, lol. I thought I would only have to put down a deposit.


Lol…i just seen that :smiley: im still waiting for my custom werepup!!


Oh Neat!!!


I’m so intrigued!! I definitely need a werepup!! Ginger Snaps fan over here! :slight_smile:


The wait list is soooooo long!! I made this post in March…im still waiting for my werepup…but i knew it was gonna take a long time


I think she said something about finishing up her current wait list by the end of the year.


Well hopefully mine is included in that…lol :smiley:


Has anyone received their werepup kit yet?? Website says 6-8 weeks… its been that long and I haven’t received anything… not even a tracking number…


I haven’t recieved mine yet either. I believe today marks 8 weeks from my order date. :sweat:


Me too - still no signs of him


As per Asia, the kits were shipped to her from Germany a few days ago, but she said the day after they arrive she’ll be sending them out.


Yay! I can’t wait to get it!


Im still waiting for my custom silicone werepup


Wow, that’s taking a really long time!


Indeed it is…i expected it to take a while but i havent heard anything