I put a deposit down for a custom silicone werepup!


Oh trust me i know exactly how you feel… Lol I’ve been wanting one of them for a very long time!! :smiley:


I was looking through my pics and found this one of my friend’s werepup, Liam. So cute!


So cute!


Awwww…that little fella is adorable!!


I KNOW!!! He belongs to Ami Taylor who has Vintage Fawn Nursery.


So, someone was selling their pup in a Facebook post earlier today, and I ended up doing something I shouldn’t have :see_no_evil:

Little booger is being sent out to me tomorrow and should be here next week lol


How cute is that?


Oh my goodness, that’s so cute.
He looks soooo ready for snuggles!


I seen one on FB a couple months ago…but since i already put a deposit down on a custom one i decided i better not buy him…lol i cant wait till mine is made


You definitely need to let me know how soft he is…like how soft the silicone is :smiley:


Love it!


I love these guys! i think I am going to have to get one in the likeness of my pup when he is gone.


I would love to have one of those. He is so cute.


I usually don’t like the “alternative” babies, but that thing is CUTE!!!


I’ll definitely let you know how it is! Tracking says he’ll be here on Monday :black_heart:


Yay, I want one so bad, lol! Can’t wait to hear about yours on Monday.


Little Silas Benjamin has been here almost a week and is already proving himself to be a handful. I’m honestly thinking of selling all of my vinyl babies and collecting these guys exclusively :joy:


Oh it has been a week, duh. He is awesome! I want one even more!


Omg he is too stinkin cute!!! Im dying for mine!!!


Ah, that little tongue is so cute!