I put a deposit down for a custom silicone werepup!


Just thought i would share my excitement!! I’ll be adding a custom werepup to my little baby collection :smiley: he will have solid silicone head and limbs on a cloth body. He will be covered in black fur with a white mohawk and will have dark blue eyes. Its gonna take a while to get him as there is a lot of people ahead of me but the total cost will be $650…not a bad price and the sculpt that he will be made from is adorable. When completed he will be 18 inches long

this is the sculpt I’ll be getting


I’m not a huge fan of alternative babies but I appreciate the artistic talent. That one is really cute.




Omg so cute I want one too, one day! Can’t wait to see yours!


OMG, that is adorable!


So cool!


I’m so jealous! I love him!!!


Ahhhh welcome to the pack! :black_heart::paw_prints::wolf::full_moon: Just put the deposit on mine last week! Can’t wait to see your little guy!


Where can I find them? Is there a website? :grinning:



The waiting list is about a year long but everyone I know that has one says they’re worth the wait.


It sucks that the wait is so long… I want him now… Lol i know i must be patient. I also just put the deposit down last week… Asia messaged me to confirm about details and then sent the invoice which i paid right away :smiley:


Which one did you guys choose? That’s a big deposit to put down to wait a year!!! :sob:


Cute! I want a pocket pup! Perfect addition to an Alternative! I must have one, lol! Thanks for the sharing!


I know!!! But 5 inches is so small!!!


I can carry him around in my purse. lol. I guess I could do that with a BB 10 inch kit too!


I chose the 18 inch Fiona sculpt… Im having them make him a boy… He will be silicone head and limbs on a cloth body… It is a long wait but i have been wanting one for a long time :smiley: and its not bad of a price for even a partial silicone


This is the sculpt I chose for mine.

Newer one that’s not on the website yet but I fell in love with the prototype :black_heart:


I love them guys!!! I can’t wait to see!!!


I was reading up on the werepups website about the creators of these little cuties… They have worked very closely with Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) and his wife :smiley: Nikki have you gone to the site yet? Robert Englund has a werepup and funny thing is that it looks just like him… Lol


I didn’t see!!! I’ll go back and look! You’re killing me Mel! I really would love one of these babies!