I need to join RR (reborn rehab)

I did it again! I just couldn’t help myself lol. I was just going to pick up a few bodies and a couple of small items. I ended up buying another baby kit too! Seriously, I am addicted. Hangs my head in shame. Not really. Now I’m excited and can’t wait till delivery lol

You won’t be lonely in rehab. I have a 3-pg. list of kits I want! If I could only do this full-time!

I have a kit stash that I will probably never finish and I have my eye on Miracle and one of the BB Presley kits too!

I am lucky in the free time department. My husband works the midnight shift and sleeps during the day and kids are back in school so its just me and Bella. We decided to put off me starting nursing school till next August when Bella is at a more manageable age. After going on vacation a few weeks ago my hubby really saw what I have to do to entertain Bella and since he doesn’t want her in daycare he doesn’t think he is capable of taking care of her while I’m in school. Men…go figure! Lol

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Yeah, my friend’s son works nights and has the baby during the day while his wife works. Poor baby was spending most of her day in front of the tv in her swing while he slept. She is now 8-9 months so that isn’t going to work much longer. Take the time to raise your baby if you can. She’ll appreciate it later in life. Daycare is babies raising babies most of the time. Plus you’d have homework if you go to nursing school now that would take up even more time…and we always end up last in line for stealing people’s time!

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The tv thing is exactly what would happen. I spend a lot of floor time with Bella, that’s why my poor knee is killing me at the moment. Old injury. I hardly turn the tv on during the daytime and if I do it’s just to catch a few minutes of news or a movie with the kids. My son put on sponge bob awhile back and a swear I lost a few brain cells watching that show, not letting Bella watch that anymore. Anyways not going to school is a win win for me right now because I get to spend time with Bella and the kids which I didn’t get to do with my older ones when they were little.

guilty guilty and guilty…even sold some but still have plenty…