I need Tips for rooting hair

I just did my first doll and used the “Libby” kit. The painting turned out beautifully but I am not satisfied with how the hair turned out.

I am thinking maybe I need a smaller gauge needle? Instead of just rooting a couple hairs at a time it rooted several at a time. Any pointers on what I need to do?

Thanks for any assistance.



you should map out the head first. there are lots of videos on youtube on reborn head mapping. and when you map the head you work on one section at a time. the last rooting i did is the one i mapped and it came out pretty darn good. i also used a 43g regular rooting needle. i have painted a libby sculpt.

and here is the last rooting that i did. i tend to give too much hair but i love it

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Thank you! I posted a pic of my libby head on the “work in progress” thread. I can post it here though. Thanks for your advice. I think the needles that were included with my kit are too big. I like a lot of hair… all of my kids had a head full LOL


i think she came out well for your first baby…better than i did on my first…lol. you may want to trim the eyelashes. and when you paint on eyebrows they should be laying more towards the outer part of the head. and libby is definitely a big baby. mine weighed about 10 pounds. and you will find that you get better with each baby you make. im still new to this as well. i only been painting for 9 months

what kind of mohair did you use. i love slumberland nursery mohair its very easy to work with.

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Thank you! I just used the RubyRed that came with the kit. I think this one will weight about 10 pounds too!

i would definitely look into slumberland nursery mohair. its a bit pricey about $30 for a half ounce but its silky soft and it doesnt go to waste.

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You did a nice job on your rooting for a first baby. Try a smaller gauge needle when you feel you are ready. There are many threads on this forum about rooting. Just go to the top of the page by your icon, and put your cursor on the little spyglass. A box will come up and type into it what you are interested in and it will pull up topics for you to read.

Thanks everyone for your input. :slight_smile:

Is slumberland hair straight or curly?

Both are usually available.

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Ruby Red is really hard to root. Once you try a more expensive hair you will see. I use 42 gauge needles.

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She used it in 2014… bet she has figured it out by now. This post was revived by a new member after MANY YEARS! LOL!

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Yes! I had to go back and see what post this was LOL! I have not used Ruby Red since then.