I need some more help with mottling!

I’m still trying something to help me with mottling… I have yet to find a way to help me no matter how hard I try I can’t get it…I tried the cosmetic sponge with holes And a few other things

I have a few of these coming from China but who knows when they’ll be here
I’m working on reborning Heather from BB but I haven’t given her mottling because I can’t… Does anyone have any idea of what else I can try? Can I use a paint brush in some way?
PS. For those of you that don’t know I am disabled, and my coordination isn’t the best


I use plucked sponges with various hole “designs”. Some have a pathway of veins plucked in them, some have splotches. Look up sea fans and imagine that you are plucking a sponge to make a stamp of it.


I use beauty blenders cut in half and plucked. It works better with air dry paints for me. They’re firmer than regular make up sponges.


Hehe you make those wedges look amazing! I have a very hard time holding them I use either big mop brushes or Kabuki brushes to pounce and blend

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I use folkart acrylic paint and once I get the beauty blender I will have to try that.
Thank you!

Maybe make your holes on your sponge a little deeper. Then when you add paint to it, pounce it on a paper towel first to get excess liquid off. Then pounce on the kit without pressing down hard.


I struggled forever to get mottling mastered. What ended up working perfectly for me was buying this sponge from Walmart it is the perfect density. Here is a photo if you want to try them. I love the shape to it wraps limbs and gets into thos skinny tight spots.

The two sponges on the ends are equestrian sponges, but I do much better with my Walmart ones.


If it’s an accessibility issue that’s causing you difficulty, I wonder if you could hot glue something to the end of a regular sponge or beauty blender to make it easier to hold? Maybe a dowel or an empty prescription bottle, or whatever is comfortable for you to hold!


Good tips!

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OMG thank you. I never thought of that. Such a perfect idea! I will try that today!
Thank you again! So clever

I have not seen these here, I’m in New Zealand, however I have seen them on wish, do you think the quality would be the same?

I just went to the local 2 dollar shop and got 2 of these

Wish me luck!:crossed_fingers:


Victoria, may I offer a tip? Folkart is a craft paint and it won’t hold up on a reborn doll. I have known people to try craft paint just to see if they might like the whole ‘reborn experience’. My suggestion is not to sell babies painted with craft paint as you could get some really bad feedback, people can get mean when it comes to these babies. I don’t want to see that happen to you. Please except my apology if I have overstepped here, just trying to help keep you out of any ‘people problems’. Enjoy your hobby and as you get better and better please consider changing to some ‘paint’ that will hold up better for reborning. Good Luck. @BeVixL


How long can you normally use a sponge you have made like this? Maybe I should ask approx. how many dolls will it make?

I made these about 6 months ago. I change them whenever they pick up dust. There isn’t a set amount of dolls they are good for. I do store them in a drawer.

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Where do you live? I have been trying to find these locally, and have not been able to.

OK! Thanks.

You know, my first baby was done with the craft paints. It was recommended to me by another person who did reborns. But, I will say that it ended up costing me WAY more than the Hunnybuns air dry paints I use now. And, they are actually made for reborns. Just wanted to share that. Oh, and I made the baby just for me. Never intended it for sale, and I still don’t.

May I ask why it’s frowned upon? I just bought acrylics from the craft store to do my own dolls. I have no idea if I’ll ever get into it enough to sell, but I’ve watched tons of youtube videos and tutorials and online classes teaching this method. I chose it because my budget won’t allow me to purchase a nuwave oven at the moment and I don’t want to contaminate the oven I use to feed my family. Airdry paints seemed like the safest easiest way for me to learn. I do have a set of paints coming from Bountiful Baby with my kit dolls I just ordered but idk when I’ll get to use them. Hopefully I can swing an oven by Christmas. Idk why using acrylics would be a bad thing if done correctly and sealed and look beautiful. I thought acrylics could be ‘heat set’ as well and weren’t toxic for the oven?


@lynn was saying to use Professional Grade Air Dry Paints. Golden is a good one. I use Liquitex Professional Heavy and Soft Body. I can’t use GHSP because of Migraines.