I need more money and more space and fewer dogs

I need more space for dolly stuff and a place to put it where the new dog won’t eat it! Plus more money too! Saw a wicker stroller on ebay and went WOW! and then NO! Bad girl…no more dolly stuff this week! Anyone else have that problem!!! Here is the link:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Victori … 19e47dc6b5

me too!

We have cats too but the only problem they give me is trying to love on any blankets that are around. They are outside during the day playing unless it is raining…or too cold or they are lazy… Ludmilla, that is too funny about the crocheted dress getting eaten twice! Jaci would do that if she saw something with yarn. I am just hoping she draws the line at babies but I have a bad feeling that she sees them as wonderful chew toys especially when they aren’t assembled.

The dogs won’t touch my dolly stuff except the mohair! Oh my one of them LOVES the mohair! She even learned how to open a Ziploc plastic tub without harming the lid to get to the fiber! ARGH!!!
Like the others have said the cats are a bit aloof about the whole thing. I had a kitten who loved the mohair though but his mother soon set him straight and he has never touched it again.
Beautiful stroller, but alas I see it in pieces all over the living room! And a vet bill for the mouth damage! LOL
Sometimes it is just better to lust after stuff and not possess it.