I need inspiration, painted hair


Here are some more I have done in the past. I changed up my technique part way through these. :wink: My swirls always tend to be off to the side somewhere.


OH wow, they are beautiful. I think Im really liking the ones with no “hole” in the swirl…or the way you’ve done 3 though 7…really love number 9!

I think I like the, little to no, swirl idea @Bellybutton I really like the second from the bottom :slight_smile:


When I root I start at the back of the head. Interested to know where you guys start when you paint?


I don’t use Prisma… I use Genesis, but here you go!



Check out those 2 posts from Emily’s Dream Dolls!


Beautiful and I was looking for paint and prisma…I want to do painted hair but I may have to use a bit of prisma as well.
@kareninflorida That looks like rooted hair! How did you do that?


I usually start at the crown and work my way out from there.


Thank you, I didnt have time to practice today but i have everything set up to work tomorrow. I am hoping I will be happy with it so I can paint my Priscilla’s hair but we shall see.


Thank you! I did prisma first, then painted the darker strands. I’m glad you like it. :blush:


Qué usáis para pintar el pelo y que cantidad? Lo horneados en cada capa y luego sellados con thick?


What do you use to paint your hair and how much? What baked in each layer and then sealed with thick?


I use prisma pencils only now. I tried paint, I use Golden acrylics, but it didnt turn out very well. For now Ill stick to pencils :wink:


Thank you :wink:


He usado thinning, disolvente y color y he sellado al final con thick. Mirar lo que me ha pasado, podéis ayudarme?:weary:


sorry, it does not translate well. I wanted to say that I use to paint hair color genesis, thinning and solvent. When I finish giving several layers I seal it with thick, but in two heads this has happened to me. can you help me?


I don’t know much about Genesis, I have never used it. I am also new to drawing hair. Im sorry Im not much help, maybe someone else can help you?