I need honest opinions!

I finshed the skin tone on my Avery?? I still have the creases and finishing bits and a coat or two of earth mint to lighten the reds…Otherwise, what do you think? I want HONEST opinions before I go any further:-) No feelings will be hurt here

Great job!!! Can’t wait to see her finished

She’s pretty! She looks like sweet strawberries & cream.

I don’t think I’d lighten the reds at all, she looks great as is. (and I’m not usually a fan of that sculpt)

THe only thing that I would say is that she is a bit too pink, but you already mentioned doing a few coats of earth mint. So, other than that she looks really nice.

I love her coloring so far! The only tip I can give you would be to send her my way for a closer view, hehe…What color hair will she have?