I made an unhappy discovery today

I was making bottles for my monkeys today and I was using some bananas from Walmart. They are styrofoam filled with this grey kinda hard stuff inside and a coating on the outside. I used my E6000 to glue the nipple and rings onto them. I sat them up in a measuring cup and came back to check them an hour later to see if they had set up and much to my surprise and dismay I discovered that the E600 melts styrofoam. GRRR! not I had to just hot melt glue them. I hate styrofoam! I can stick my hands into blood guts and gore but I can not abide the feel of styrofoam and this is one more reason to despise it.

I was wondering about making one for the monkey I started for my daughter-in-law. Now I know not to use the E6000. Don’t know if superglue melts it or not. It’s been a long time since I did anything with stryofoam.

Since you do monkeys, maybe you can help me with an idea I had. Thought about making a hammock of green velvet (moss), covering the outside with leaves and flowers and using brown rope trim and vines to hang it. Do you think I could make it work or do you do something better? Wanting to do something slightly realistic that she can use to keep the monkey out of the baby’s hands once she starts getting around.

I used hot melt glue gun to hold the ring and nipples to the banana. I think that sounds awesome djjessie228. I would be interested in seeing that. The only other thing I have thought of is one of those fake trees that can be bought at decorating places and pose it in that. Of course the baby could get to the pot those are in.

I got it and it works! YEAH!