I made a Binki/Bindi body!

I surprised myself, I wasn’t sure it would turn out alright, but I love it! Sorry about the quality of the pictures…suns not up enough outside, & not enough of it inside!!

I think premie clothes will fit him, the diaper is a premie & it fits.

Thanks for checking him out!


Looks good Marlene. What talent!

you’re too quick for me, foxmom! I just pm’d you!

yaaaah looking good. Arent they so cute? I never expected them to be so nice.

Great job!

Great job on the body Marlene, She’s a cutie. Is this little monkey going to be a keeper?

             Hugs Tina

No, there not keepers, they are Christmas gifts for grandchildren…can’t wait to give them to them!

I understand you have a website…would you give me the addy so I can see it, Nat & I are thinking about setting one up & it would be interesteing to see yours.


I’ll pm you Marlene.

Hugs Tina