I love this kid


I was waiting to put this baby in the pageant and then realized it was for BB kits only so heres my pride and joy, I kept his name since its the same as my oldest sons friend and I added Jakob to it for my son. Even though he thinks its weird, I’m in love with this kit!!!


Tiffany you did such an outstanding job on him, I mean, he is just beautiful in every way. I love his hair it is so perfect.


He looks real to me! Beautiful Tiffany


Beautiful job. I so love that kit. Wish I had gotten it.


Thanks I love this baby even though he’s smaller than I would of liked him to be. It is a fun kit


He is precious! I love his hair.


Perfect!!! I Love him!! Everything about him!!


He DOES look real. And you are not wierd!


Beautiful and his hair is sheer perfection…great job!


You have done a wonderful job!!! This kit is great–I love it! :0)


love him!!!


Tiff what mohair did you use what color is it medium blonde or light brown?


Oh me too! Really such a cutie!


So cute in his pictures… Nice hair.


— Begin quote from “kathrynpgadomski”

Tiff what mohair did you use what color is it medium blonde or light brown?

— End quote

I used a dark brown and dark blonde mix


I’m in love too! How big is he? My 12 year old thinks it’s weird too. I accidently kissed the top of Jael’s head last week and thought Caitlyn was going to die! Sometimes you forget they are just dolls when you are moving them and dressing them. Oops!

I can see why that one is a keeper. Some of them just attach themselves to you!


He is absolutely gorgeous! I too am in love.


He is beautiful