I liked the Kebelka but won't be buying any more

Ya I started wondering if it had anything to do with the difference in our brushes or wedges. Then I wondered about the odourless thinner too, I’m using Mona Lisa, but that is supposed to be fine so I really don’t know. My thick and matte look exactly the same in the jar. They are the samples from MacP which I’m assuming they put into the small jars themselves. I was thinking that maybe one of the wrong lids got put on and I actually have two of the same ones. Can you tell the difference between your thick and matte or are they the same colour and texture? I just don’t understand how it could be this difficult to use and get good results.

The other thing I discovered with the shine was that my heads had a slight tacky feeling to them. Not sticky but my hand just doesn’t run over them as nice as usual and if I touch the vinyl it leaves smudge marks. Not imprints, but changes the look of the sheen. So I decided to wash them and the washing turned them more matte. They still don’t feel anything like genesis varnish, they have more of that rubbery acrylic feel to them but at least the shine is more under control. If only I could do something about this white when the vinyl is flexed.

Yes, my PM box has been bombarded with messages about this. I have spent $40 a jar ($20 jar price + $20 shipping from Spain) X 3 mediums to get this stuff. I am not tossing it out. I had no idea when I bought it and I like it so I am using up what I got.


I have tremendous respect for Bobbi…


I do as well. This whole thing has me gutted!


I hate using a matte, I prefer to use Satin. Then I see that its made by someone that sells copies and I’ve never ever purchased anything from anyone other than a legit supplier.
I was told by an Australian supplier if you want Satin to just use the thick medium and leave out the matte. Not sure if that would work? However, I can’t bring myself to order something from someone I know has undermined our hobby.

Looks like my hobby is over.

I am sure Kabelka will do just fine anyway. JMO :slightly_smiling_face:

Well now BB has announced they will be offering something soon. I felt sure it was just a matter of time before someone in the US would. Waiting to see what this will be like. In the meantime, I have stocked up on what Genesis paints and mediums I could get my hands on so I am set for at least a year now.


Maybe you have to put the varnish on before you paint since it worked on non painted doll but not on painted doll. Just a thought.

That would defeat the whole purpose of the varnish being a protective layer over the paint to seal it though :pleading_face: