I like reborning so much that

I like reborning so much that I can’t wait to get off work, go home, get my cozie’s on, and start creating. It seems lately that I finish one kit and start up right away on the next one. I have two babies in que to photograph and get listed! Great post.

I like it so much that I don’t want to work and house work comes last lol. I would rather reborn than just about anything else… sherrie

I like reborning so much that I get irritated that my family wants me to move my dolly stuff off the kitchen table so they can eat dinner! (the nerve of them)! While I’m at work I catch myself staring at my students to memorize their veining and skin tone. Then I suddenly realize that they have stopped reading their book and are waiting for me to move on to the phonics lesson. My mind wanders a lot!! I start pondering about what kit I want to work on next and if it will be a boy or girl, blonde hair or brown, which outfit I will put on it.

I like Reborning so much that…
I cant give it up! I have slowed down with reborning due to slow sales on ebay but I cant bring myself to give it up I am always thinking about which kit I want to start on next and I LOVE shopping for clothes for them…especially the beautiful handmade clothes. I make sure I have plenty of outfits for my kits/babies to be. Its pretty bad when I’d rather shop for them rather than for myself!

I like rebornning soooooo much that …my house is over run with reborn kits ,baby clothes .baby furniture and paints ect -I look like a horder on one of those reality shows !!!
I dream about reborns all the time and cant wait for each new baby to "come to life"
Ilove them soooo much that Stef and I are now starting to sculpt so we can make our own !!!

I like reborning so much that when I purchase baby clothes, I have to decide-does my new granddaughter Jocelyn get to wear it or will it be for a future reborn. So every time I buy something , my husbands asks, “which one gets it this time?” So sometimes it is just too cute, and I end up buying two of the same thing. (I have 4 sons so I REALLY like buying girl things).

I like reborning so much that I’m a newly wed (less than a year) and I find myself thinking more about these upcoming baby dolls than uh… what other newly weds think about. Or maybe it’s cause we are old, but not that old…uh how do it get myself out of this one…Yeah I like the darned dolls alot.

I like reborning so much that I work a 12 hour day outside of the home and then come home at midnight and reborn until 4 or 5 am every night lmao. I have 1 crib, 2 cradles, 3 car seats, a double stroller, a day bed, moses basket, and 2 basinetts, over 100 kits and boxes and closets full of brand new baby clothes. Oh did I mention I never had a child and dont baby sit if the reborning doesnt pan out I can always open a daycare lmao just joking I would never give this up!!

I just don’t like reborning I love it, what else can I say, we all know the feeling, the desire to get home and work on our babies or stay up at night till god know’s what time, boxes of kits, baby clothes on hangers, table full of paints, brushes ect, baby items every where, house work piling up, what a life and don’t we all just love it,

well ladies …I can hang out with all of you cause I am no different than any of you…I daydream all day long, shop and create babies IN MY SLEEP…house has never been so neglected and my closets are blugging but not with clothes for me…baby clothes have spilled from my closet to the kids closets too…but I confess Deb you have me beat…I have not got the crib yet…