I know...soo not reborn related


But my day has been great and just wanted to share! I finally got to see a really good picture of my daughter since she left for Basic. So excited she graduates next week. I also got a surprise replacement of a vanity mirror. A friend of mine from the military remembered I mentioned when I came home from the military the one my grandma had given me was gone, so she sent one as a congratulations gift. You meet people from all walks of life and it is amazing the ones that become dear to your heart. I told my daughter before she left, that I hoped she would find a lifelong friend at basic like I did. *Hearts are on someone else’s loved ones for PERSEC reasons


That is amazing you must be so so proud of your daughter!


yes i am :heart_eyes:


That’s awesome -and I know you are proud of your daughter -thank you and your daughter for your service!!


Thank you for Sharing.


That’s so nice. It’s good to watch your kids grow up and become wonderful productive adults.


This is awesome! Congratulations to her!




Congrats too your daughter :tada:


Congratulations to your daughter! Thank you both for your service. God Bless You.


Aww that’s really awesome :heart: