I just received the sweetest surprise


The mailman just dropped off a surprise package. I wasn’t expecting anything from BB. A friend of mine hopped online when I bemoaned the fact that I missed out on the massive seconds sale last week due to $0 in my dolly bank and bought me two kits. OmG! I’m so excited to paint these little boogers.


How nice!


What a pleasure to have friends like that!


Omg thanks so nice of her!! That is a wonderful surprise!!




What an amazing gesture !!! You are truly Blessed to have a friend that understands Dolly Love and fulfillment


snicker It was actually sent by a friend of the male persuasion. It’s easy to think that everybody involved in the reborn world is female, (I often find myself doing the same) but he’s just so sweet and supportive that he took an interest in helping me realize my hobby athough he really doesn’t like seeing the finished dolls and can’t understand a valid reason to take them out of the house.

I just count myself so lucky to have a friend like him. I only wish my husband were as supportive. sigh I’ll take what I get and be grateful though.


Considering how he feels about reborns that was an extra special, supportive surprise. I wish everyone could have friends like that.


What a kind hearted friend!!!


How wonderful! I am so happy for you!


Way to go friend!!! :smile: