I just bought a Victoria by Sheila Michael :O -She's here!

So excited. I’m gonna be in trouble. if I don’t sell some dollies soon to cover the cost.


I got the kit!

She’s here. She’s HUGE! I’m not sure if I like her… I don’t think this vinyl is that much more softer than some of the other kits I’m done. I’m also making a Lorry Light kit that is just as soft…

— Begin quote from “Beckie”

Did you get a kit to reborn or a completed baby? You are going to love her, mine is one of the favorite babies in the nursery!!

— End quote

They come pre-made? I think it’s gonna be a box -o- parts.

— Begin quote from “Windeec”

Wonderful! It is so exciting to get a sculpt that you really want!

I received an email notice from that internet site that 's of dolls, if you get my drift, and she has a limited supply of Victorias, if there aren’t already gone.

— End quote

I don’t think BB will mind to much, I made an order with them too. I got the same DD email notice, I couldn’t resist her! I also got a Benjamin by Adrie Stoete and Lidy by Didy Jacobsen. I’m very tempted to try a Angelica by Reva Schick, but will need a bigger oven or mater a heat gun first. I was in a show show last weekend and saw one in real life now I’m in love!

I have no clue what skin tone to do or hair color or anything! I’m into the heavy mottling right now…
I’m in love with this one! I can dress her like snow white the Halloween during the October doll show, lol.



I saw she was in stock but my dolly money needs to go for mohair, eyes and bodies for 5 that are in the process. Plus the BB sales. Maybe that’s what I’ll tell my older daughter to have my husband get me for Christmas. Sometimes it’s nice to have a daughter with OCD (obsessive complusive disorder)! She keeps more organized than the rest of us!