I havent seen chuck hazel eyes at BB for awhile

BB is out of a lot of different color eyes, wander when they will have them???

I use this co alot. they have eyeco masterpiece and some others. lots
of colors and sizes. mine usually run 9.00 and about 2-3 for shipping.


I buy from BJ’BABES alot and they have super fast shipping too. Also have LOTS of colors to choose from.

thank you, do you have a link?

I would like to know the link also.
I tried bjbabes and went to a porno site. Man was I shocked.

LOL, yep searching bjbabies brought up all kind’s of intersting stuff that for sure. I seen that too Robin but did not click on it

This is so funny ladies! Here is the place:

it’s bjsbabes] A doll site… I don’t think I’m suppose to put the whole link, so I’m going to go with safer than sorry…

Hi, I copied it off of the site so I don’t know how it happened. has
anyone used the real eyes anymore. I used to when I started. I
think it was their victorian blue I liked.

LOL I buy them from bjsbabes on ebay, just search the name.