I have been painting silicone

Here are some silicone babies I have painted with intentions of selling them on my table at IDTS.


Love that last little girl!


Awesome!! Beautiful babies!

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Way cute! The last two babies are my favorite! Do they have armature?

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SO the first 3 babies are solid full body mini babies at 10-11" long.
The last baby is a partial silicone newborn baby at 18’ long with silicone head, full silicone arms and full silicone legs. None have armatures.

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They’re very awesome! I just wasn’t sure if the second from last baby did to keep his arm up like that. You’ve done a wonderful job!

No, he is molded that way, which you really do not see that often. He is a little firmer than the other Ecoflex30 babies but still has good movement. If you go on my Facebook page, I posted a video last night showing them all.


Love them!

So cool!! He is my favorite for sure. They are all fantastic!

Oh my goodness, you are sooo talented! I adore that second baby down wow! Are you selling them?

How much are their prices.

Yes, they are available now as the IDTS show has been cancelled. I do have yet to make them some diaper sets and root lashes on the sleepers. Smaller babies Grace-$500, Ethon $650 and Bailey $650. Shipping extra. I am debating whether or not I am going to sell Mireya but if I do I would ask $1100 plus shipping.

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@anjsmiles can you post a link to your FB page?

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Thank you!

Gorgeous babies

Thank you!