I have a shipping question

Has anyone shipped to Ireland? Is the process similar to shipping to Canada? Thanks in advance!

I have shipped so many places but never Ireland!!! I hope someone has an answer for you! :heart:


Oh! There is a lady from Ireland on Reborns that sells lots of dolls… hand crafted Reborns I think her name is. You can message her and ask!

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Anywhere in the world is the same process. Just the price and shipping time will vary. Be careful, I know Post Canada don’t accept parcel for some countries at this time, I don’t know in US (you are in US ?).
I have shipped my clothes bodies and dolls almost everywhere, never had any issues.

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Yes, im in the US. Thank you so much

I’ve shipped to Ireland with no problem. Process for international shipping is pretty much the same for every country if you’re shipping from US. Just make sure the receiver doesn’t have a strict time frame. Sometimes it arrives quickly, sometimes it takes weeks!


Thank you