I have a problem....

I am a kit hoarder. I currently have 53 kits and I have no intention of getting help for this . :0)

Well, you just beat my 23 kits hoard.

I do also have about 50 unfinished babies, but only 17 of them are untouched kits, the rest are either being worked on, or are painted and are waiting to be rooted. One has been waiting for 4 years.

I have about 250- guessing…I have learned that buying is easier than selling-lol

250??? OMGosh!!
My ocd will only allow me to work on one kit at a time, so I will have plenty to fill my time. I have my eye on about seven more right now…

I have 1 kit in my inventory right now
And I’d be a kit hoarder too if I wasn’t broke LOL!

Kristi- I am feeling so much better about myself after reading your post! Thanks.

I am slowly purging them

and I thought my 70 + sculpts were too many (sigh of relief)

So this is what I have to look forward too My husband can’t see this post, oh no no no

[size=28]250!! [/size] [size=14]OH MY GOSH! I feel fantastic about my 25 to 30 now…THANKS KRISTI![/size]

I have 21 so I am feeling better all the time!

Well Hellbunny33, it looks like you are in good company!

Maggie, I will be waiting!

I have 20 in stock, 4 on pre order and two on the way! Idk why, but I always buy two of each kit I buy

I’m scared to count but I’m under 20 and over 10 and ordering Sydney from Marita Winters today. Hubby just doesn’t get the “but it is on sale” cry when I’m not painting fast enough!