I have a new nursery name, let me know what you think

My daughter and I shared the same nursery name Raindrops on Roses Reborns for awhile now. I think it’s time to split off. Everything I thought of was of course taken so, I took a favorite and had it translated into french.

Bébés Chéris Darling Babies in french
I checked goggle for this and found no hits. So this one stays. I did find Suzette of Petit Cheri so had to give that up.

Let me know what you think

I think it is cute, but so did this person and since it is Suzette from RDK fame, you may want to choose something else…I knew it sounded familiar

edited to add that it IS a letter different in spelling, however still pretty close

Who is Suzette from RDK fame? Never heard of her. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Thanks for the heads up.

oh gosh THAT suzette? LOL The spelling is different and I love the name, but I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I was that one!

I like that name. Stay as far away from the Petit Cherie name as you can. She is of RDK and Breath Taking Babies/Artists Emporium fame and it’s not good fame.

Oh Gosh Ladies thanks!!!

I won’t go there. Do you like Bebes Cheris? It will have all the accents over the letters. I really like this name and don’t want to change.
Do you think it’s enough difference?

Ooh, Bebes Cheris is cute and I think it is far enough away.

It’s really cute and I nobody will get them confused. Especially because you will have better customer service.

Oh thank-you so much ladies.

I like your nursery name. Very sophisticated!
I need to come up with one and I thought I might use one that means something to myself and my real children. When they were growing up I always told them I just loved baby biscuits, which to us meant (baby butts), and would chase them around with pinchy fingers and never catch them. I think the play on words from our family and the fact that we bake these reborns makes it kinda cute. So I think I’d like to use “Grammy’s Baby Biscuits” for a nursery name. Is that too lame? My 10 grandbabies call me Grammy. Input from all you nice ladies who also put small children in ovens too? I also thought of “People Puppies” because that’s what we taught or pets as words meaning its a child so be careful. All you had to say was “people puppy” to my pet pigs and they changed their whole demeaner and became very gentle. They knew kids were different than regular people which you could be a little pushy with. But I like Grammy’s Baby Bisquits" better.

Yes I like Bebes Cheris a lot! Nobody will get that confused with Petit Cherie. I’m so glad I never ordered from them!

Very cute Susie - I like it!!

Judy - I like the Grammy’s Baby Biscuits - very original!

I think Grammy’s Baby Biscuts is darling, even Baby Biscuts is very clever.

I like it a lot too. There are so many nursery names. Makes it so hard to find one that’s not taken.

I love both names ladies! Good luck!

Mimi~your little guy in your siggy picture is so darn cute!!!