I have a new little girl!

This is my second Rose Marie Strydom (Romie) big girl doll. I love, love, love these dolls. I’m still trying to pick a name for her. I have it narrowed down to Becca, Lizette, and Misty. Her dress needs to be ironed and I need to find some socks for her. I changed her clothes. This is a dress that was on my Frilly doll. I felt it was too “old” looking for Frilly but saved it as I thought it would work for this one and it fits perfectly.

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Wow She is Gorgeous! How did you find her?

Thanks ladies.

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How did you find her?

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You can find them at several doll stores on line. I’ve even seen them on ebay occasionally. If you type in Rose Marie Strydom into google and do a search, you will come up with quite a few doll shops that sell them. There are still several more of hers I really want. This is my other one.

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Oh, wow! Those are so pretty! Congratulations on her. And…I think she looks just like a Lizette.

Your big girls are darling!

They are beautiful! I think the name Lizette is just perfect for her.

I vote for “Misty”. She is BEAUIFUL!!!

I’ve never seen these dolls before. They are adorable. So pretty. I vote Lizette.

Yep Misty, I have named her Becca Lizette. I liked both those names so decided to use them both. The hair is human hair and is so soft and the little shoes are leather. She is amazing. When I get my lights out to take pictures of a baby, I will take better pictures of her.

They are beautiful Gina! I especially like the newest one!

They are great Gina I love the new one, she is really cute.

Wow, she is gorgeous!!