I have a mohair question

I was wondering can I use a curling iron to put curls in my mohair? Would it burn the mohair? How do I get the curls I want? Do you put the mohair in tiny regular hair rollers?I am horrible with hair.

You can us the tiny barrel curling iron as long as you don’t use high heat and don’t touch it to the vinyl and melt a spot. A safer way would be to dampen the hair all over using a little leave in spray conditioner and/or gel and then take a pencil and wrap small sections of hair around it to make a curl then pull the pencil out. The curl usually stays. Once you have done the whole head leave it to dry. Later you can gently arrange the curls with your fingers or a wide tooth pick to soften them out to a style.

I’m just glad to know that I’m not the only one that is bad with hair! Hoping that I never have to try to curl it and style it more than just dampen and scrunch it up over and over.

Thank you, thank you. I would have to buy one, heck I do not even own a hair dryer. I will try the pencil, I have one of those. One more question is it ok to use hair gel? I have used infusium so far is all I am scared to mess things up but this special baby I am working on right now has me pushing limits on my norms. I need to learn more. I also have time to think about it. I know I am using the same mohair I have used repeatedly but I have seemly discovered new things either I was just too exhausted to notice before or too something.

Yes, a little hair gel is fine. I use the Infusium all the time and it works pretty well by itself. I have even cut it 50/50 with water and used it successfully.

I should clarify that you need to start with slightly curly/wavy mohair as it works best at holding the curl. Kinky mohair just kinks and really straight yearling mohair doesn’t curl much at all but might work with the curling iron. I haven’t tried that.

Thank you I appreciate this a lot. I actually have time to love my babies while i reborn them now. Maybe this is the difference in the way I see some things I have not seen in the past or I did see it and just did not register.