I have 2 questions

Hello everyone!!! I hope you are all having a great Halloween!!! I have 2 questions to ask about the baby I am working on. I am working on a Jacob sculpt for a dear friend of mine who’s son, Tyler, was born at 25 weeks. She wants the baby to look like Tyler when he about 3 weeks old (look at http://forum.bountifulbaby.com/viewtopi … ro+preemie for pictures).

1.) Since Tylers skin was paper thin I need to put a sheen on the doll. I read somewhere that I should use matte varnish and then bake and then put a glazing gel over the matte varnish and then bake and then buff with a cloth if it still needs it. Can I use Paper Glaze for the glazing gel? Can I heat the Paper Glaze?

2.) (this is an question to ask but…) My friend wants the baby to be anatomically correct, how do you paint the ‘real boy’ part??? I have never really seen one before (of any age). I don’t know what they really look like or what colors to use. Since Tyler was a micro preemie I am sure the colors will look different from normal but I can just use the colors I use for the flesh. Do you know of any sites that have pictures of ‘real boy’ part???

Thank you all in advance!!!

I wouldn’t try to heat paper glaze. Matte varnish will take AWAY the shine, but will create a “textured” skin look. Apply a layer of non-colored genesis thinner and it will make a light sheen on the skin like you are looking for. If you don’t have genesis thinner, it is worth buying… it has tons of uses and works so much better for creases, lips, nails, and mottling.
For my son, I found that his nether regions were a pink color like the color you would use for the darkest mottled part of their skin, or the blushing on the cheeks… I know there are tons of great pics if you look up “28 week preemie” on youtube.com

Thank-you Hickory for the information about the genesis thinner. I will have to get some. Also thank-you for the help with the ‘real boy’ question. I will go look on Youtube right now. I have spent hours looking on Google images looking for ‘real boy’ parts (especially in preemies) but I haven’t been able to find pictures where it hasn’t been covered up.

A while back someone posted a link to some sort of medical website with reference photos of all kinds. Now I can’t find it nor can I remember what the site was. Maybe someone else with a better memory than mine will come along and help.

Here is the link to the medical site, I had it book marked in case I needed to look up something.

Hope it helps you.

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